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Barnes in Bespoke Colour by Lima Kitchens Ltd

Michelle & Liz were completing a front extension and had to have a window on the front of the house which they felt put them in a goldfish bowl. They also had a side window, again very overlooked. As light was a key to this renovation blocking the side window up was not an option. Despite only being a household of two they needed a lot of storage, fridge and freezer space. Working long hours they spend much of their time reheating food in the week and prepping fresh and bulk cooked meals at the weekend.

In terms of style they wanted a space which would withstand heavy use without the need to be cleaned down and polished each time it is used. They were keen to look at textures to add depth, making the space more interesting and tactile. Their choice to use our beautiful highland green leant itself to the contrast of these bold knurled handles and back plates. The lines created with these offer a subtle contemporary feel. The worktop took some time to settle on. Starting with the opinion that they would opt for a marble it soon became apparent that this felt flat and did not reflect their own characters. The stormy background with warm orange, cool grey and earthy browns of our Rio Blanco works wonderfully! Tying the space together with the natural earthy tones, warmth of the brassy tones and cooler greys balancing the black features running through their home.

There are dedicated areas for everything they need. With accessible storage in every units. This kitchen will truly stand the test of time offer the ability to evolve throughout its life.

  • Accessories
  • Bespoke Painted
  • Curved Doors
  • Farmhouse
  • Luxury
  • Made to measure
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Open units
  • Overmantel
  • Painted
  • Quality
  • Shaker
  • Simply Burbidge
  • Solid timber
  • Storage

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