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Your common kitchen questions

Marketing Manager Joanne Emery shares her thoughts on common kitchen questions.

Which design is best suited to a busy kitchen? “As the most fuss-free option, choose slab style doors. Their linear design is both stylish and incredibly easy to clean. True handle-less doors and units give you a blank canvas which you can add definition to by choosing interesting colours and textures. Selecting quality materials helps to provide tough hard wearing surfaces that won’t be damaged by everyday bumps and spills.” How do I make the most of my kitchen space? “Storage is a vital part of kitchen design, so think about what your integrated kitchen cabinets will provide and what you may need in addition to this. Freestanding kitchen units are a popular choice as they are as stylish as they are practical. Islands and breakfast bars offer not only additional storage but also extra workspace, maximising the usability of the space. You could consider open shelving or wall racks for items you would benefit from quick access to. ” What would your one piece of advice be? “Planning is essential, so take time at the initial stages to consider what you need from your kitchen and the overall functionality of the room. Think about the ways in which the household currently interacts with the space and any limitations in terms of layout and budget. This will help save time and keep costs down, minimising the need for last minute, expensive alternations.”