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Q&A with Joanne Emery

Joanne Emery, Marketing Manager at Burbidge, shares her thoughts on common kitchen questions.

How do I incorporate colour into my kitchen? “When designing a kitchen there are two main ways to use colour that go beyond small accessories. Firstly by creating a focal point; choosing a dresser, island or wall of cupboards in a statement finish and leaving the rest of the kitchen in neutral shade.  Secondly the more adventurous can embrace colour fully by choosing one bold colour for the entire design. It’s an assured look, providing a smart, confident aesthetic but it can be easily toned down with muted and understated fixtures and accessories.” What is the benefit of a kitchen island? “Kitchen islands and breakfast bars offer a versatile and adaptable space that can be used in many ways. They can create zones in your area, giving the illusion of two separate, functional rooms, whilst keeping the room clutter free by providing additional storage; maximising space for utensils, food and everyday household items. Consider incorporating open shelving for items you use frequently and need to remain easily accessible.” How should I store extra food and drink? “In addition to fridge freezers and integrated cupboards, freestanding pantry style dressers can offer the perfect place to keep food and drink. Consider a designated drinks area, whether it is a wine cellar, cooler or bottle fridge, so that drinks are stored at the perfect serving temperature year round. If space is at a premium within your kitchen consider housing your dresser or drink area in a utility room or pantry.”