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Charming Country Kitchens

With its clean yet cosy aesthetic, a contemporary country kitchen is a welcoming place to socialise, relax, cook and dine. Whether you favour a natural or painted wood, the style’s understated elegance is perfectly paired with contemporary finishes including marble and metallic.

Bringing a rustic element to traditional and modern homes, in both town and country, the timeless kitchen design will remain on trend for years to come.

Joanne Emery, Marketing Manager comments ‘These styles tend to favour pared back tones, but don’t be afraid to inject a little colour and personality. One way to achieve this is to introduce a statement island or painted free-standing unit to contrast with neutral walls and worktops.

Country kitchens are full of charm so consider accessorising open shelves with mix and match storage and display utensils to create a characterful contemporary space that feels lived in.’