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150 Years of Burbidge – Colours of the Decades

Marking its 150th anniversary year, Burbidge has released a limited edition five-colour palette for 2017, as a reminiscent, yet contemporary nod to its most popular kitchens over the past few decades.

Teal – psychedelic sixties Bright and vibrant, this striking teal finish is representative of a decade where youth culture exploded and everything from fashion to interiors were full of psychedelic blasts of colour. Chamois – bohemian seventies Comparable with its name, this earthy Chamois finish offers a natural nod to the bohemian spirit of the seventies - a time when political unrest was combatted by drawing inspiration from the soothing tones of nature. Powder – decadent eighties With its soft, blush tone, this pale pink Powder finish owes a subtle nod to the most decadent era we’ve seen in the past 50 years, where chintz, pastel colours and shabby chic were all top of the pops in interior design. Taupe – minimalist nineties Amongst the clash of pattern and florals, the nineties also brought with it a calmer, minimalist palette and introduced the UK to ‘grunge’ culture, both of which combine perfectly to create this neutral Taupe finish. Pale Navy – individualist noughties Aligning with the expressive nature of the noughties, this Pale Navy finish pays homage to the modern-day trend for daring individual styling, from feature walls to bold colour bursts in every area of interior design. Tenties colour palette With its fluid combination of colour trends from the past five decades, Burbidge’s 150th anniversary colour palette resonates perfectly with the have-it-all, versatile attitude of the current ‘tenties’ decade. Each colour finish in this beautiful, soft palette offers the ability to mix and match perfectly to create the consumer’s dream kitchen design, whatever their taste.