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Environmental Statement

Burbidge kitchen furniture is a high quality product, designed and produced using superior materials and intended to provide many years of daily use.

Our main material is timber, whose use has a positive environmental impact as growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to offset the greenhouse effect. Our timbers and timber products are sourced from well managed forestry in Europe and North America, where the cycle of clearing and replanting has been continuous for many generations. We only use temperate hard and soft woods and avoid endangered tropical timbers where logging practices are generally less well controlled and regulated.

We have agreed with all our suppliers to only purchase timber products which do not damage the environment.

Our furniture is coloured and sealed using paints, stains and lacquers. Where possible we always employ water based materials and where quality dictates the use of solvents, we have strict procedures for the recovery and recycling of waste materials. As we are a UK based manufacturer, we work closely with our local environmental authorities to ensure compliance with our country's strict environmental legislation. The vast majority of our goods are produced locally to where they are used so the road miles travelled from factory to home are kept to a minimum.

The careful management and control of waste is both good for the environment and also sound business practice and in all areas of our activity we continually strive to re-use and recycle.